• The 'Gyoji' manages an adult fat suit fight

    the 'Gyoji' manages an adult fat suit fight

  • 11 year olds stomp in Sumo Experience junior suits

    11 year olds in junior suits

  • Your 'Gyoji' will run the fun

    the 'Gyoji' to run the fun

  • Sumo Experience junior fat suits

    junior fat suits in action

  • Sumo Experience adult fat suits

    adult fat suits for that added gravitas

  • It's just as much fun to be beaten as to win!

    no need for a replay to decide the winner

Looking for something different? - try sumo suit fun!


What we do with sumo suits

Sumo Experience is a specialist in organising fully themed, sumo suit wrestling parties for children, adults, team building, corporate events and fairs a cut above the ordinary sumo hire.

What type of sumo suit event are you planning?

Your Gyoji is the sumo master who will welocme youIf you are thinking of a Children's birthday party or a Hen, Stag or other Adult sumo wrestling party you are in the right place. Team building is a speciality and we can even run a Sumo-stall at your fair or funday.

Where Sumo Experience operates

We are based in Woking, Surrey and have been running our unique and highly acclaimed sumo parties throughout London and the South East since 2006. You don't need to come to us, but instead we bring our sumo suits to somewhere convenient to you. That might be to a hall local to you or we can set up in your garden.

What's so different about our sumo suit parties?

You will already know that sumo suit wresting is fun to do and hilarious to watch. What we add is our unique tongue-in-cheek Japanese theming. Our kimono-clad host, the "Gyoji", will manage everything, from selecting the teams to explaining the rules to refereeing the bouts. He will get everyone in the mood by leading the ceremonials of bowing, salt throwing and stomping.

What is included?

There is a padded "Dohyo" (competition ring), scoreboard, gong, Japanese backing music and smoke machine (venue permitting). Our top quality, foam-filled vinyl sumo suits will transform your appearance and, once your sumo suit is on, any inhibitions will melt away as you take on the persona of a swaggering "Rikishi".

Find out more about out sumo suit events

You can contact us now to discuss how a sumo fat suit wrestling party could work for you. Alternatively, click on the tabs at the top of the page for specific sumo party options or get more details via the menu to the left.

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