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... So you've booked your staff conference at an hotel, stately home, conference centre or just anywhere that's out of the office and on neutral ground.

handbags at dawn

  • You've got in mind what you want to cover in the talks, seminars and breakout groups, but it's all feeling a bit dry.
  • You want to have something in the schedule that will be fun, but the old team-building standards are feeling a bit tired.
  • You want something that will get everyone laughing and get under the skin of even the most cynical of the team.
  • You want all this and you'd really like to schedule it into the graveyard slot after lunch...

Of course Sumo Experience!

Martin Day spent 18 years working for a large multinational company and understands exactly what is needed on such occasions. He will also help to you set the atmosphere with a smoke machine (venue permitting) and a japanese soundtrack.

Imagine "Sales" verse "HR", the Corporate Relations Director up against the IM Director, the Receptionist really pushing it with the MD's PA...

...It's like a dream come true, isn't it!? you can get too serious about this thing getting close and sweaty

Sumo Experience can serve the corporate client in three modes:

  1. As a team-building activity where everyone can participate. This works best for a group of 8 to 14.
  2. As a spectacle where a few participants provide entertainment for a larger group of spectators. This would be for a larger conference and be either on a stage, in a cleared area of a bar or restaurant, or in the grounds of your company HQ or conference centre.
  3. As a component for your corporate fun day. We will set up stall and run contests in a winner-stays-on system. We have found there is never a shortage of takers as the spectacle quickly gathers onlookers.

...but we can tailor the fun to your needs. All you will need are your people and enough space. Sumo Experience will manage the rest.

(NB You will find this web site quite comprehensive,
but if you are in a hurry just take the corporate tour.)

Contact us for a quote, and for a conference to remember.


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