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Please browse through our photo gallery to see samples of the fun recorded at some real Sumo Experience events.

Thank you to our customers who have kindly provided these snaps (see their comments on the reviews page). Just click on an image for the full size photo and caption.

The wedding would be in Sweden, but Emmelie's Hen party was a riot of fun in London in June 2014.
There'll be no neck injuries with this kit Read the review of this event

There was a hall booked for Tom's 8th birthday in June 2014, but it was such a beautiful day that we did the Sumo on the grass outside.
Listen carefully, I will say this but onceNot too much there, fella. It'll smart if you fall on it later Cheer me on, team! Friends no more! I feel fat Does my bum look big in this? This style may suit you, sir Wall-to-wall fatness Take that, Fat-boy! And to help the little wrestlers with their training... Read the review of this event

Tymen's 9th birthday party was a big hit with his friends (and their parents) in October 2013.
There'll be no neck injuries with this kit What you lookin' at? striking fear into the opponent's heart No time for loolong around Cake anyone - it's low in fat. Honest! Read the review of this event

The Jackson family held a BBQ along with Sumo fun for all those who helped them over the year in July 2013.
Now's your chance So what's going on over there? ...but don't take your eye off the other guy Be afraid, be very afraid No more bets, please Who are you cheering for? On your twinkle toes I haven't felt like this since my youngest I want a fair fight, ladies I'll wait for help thanks Take that Invasion of the little people You'd be surprised at who won It's like being at the base of Mount Fuji Read the review of this event

It was one of the hottest days of the year for Ryan's 9th birthday in July 2013.
Don't worry if you are short now this will all change in the next couple of years Who can bow the lowest? Boys, you need to be fatter I'm a little teapot... Just a little pinch. You don't want to preserve yourself ...and throw Now you are ready for the stomp Be careful you don't wobble over

We found a shady spot in the garden for Olivers's 8th Birthday in July 2013.
Bring it on Read the review of this event

Sumo was a fun surprise for Becca's hen party in June 2013.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fattest hen of all? Read the review of this event

Ollie's friends will always remember his 10th birthday in May 2013.
Don't peak too early How low can you go? Let's have some aggression I did specifically tell you to go for the hug not the kiss That was a special moment, wasn't it? Make some noise When they both go down, who wins? Read the review of this event

Finn, his friends and even his parent came over all Japanese for his 8th birthday in April 2013.
Just keep your eye on my feet Take that You just have to roll with the knocks It's too much fun to not join in Read the review of this event

Madeline and her friends got fat for her 11th birthday in March 2013.
Don't mess with the girls! I'm just a shrinking violet Cheer your champion girls Heave Could this be my new look? Read the review of this event

Nicholas was at the top of his game for his 12th birthday in March 2013.
I think I've wedgied myself Has this guy fallen asleep on me? Read the review of this event

Ben's 11th was hotly contested between him and his friends in February 2013.
Who you lookin' at? Some say that the slam is the fun part It's a brave mum that hold a knife to this fearsom cake Read the review of this event

Rhys and Leah shared a Sumo party for their 10th and 9th birthdays in January 2013.
You know, your head looks quite small in that Well, go on, support me then Encourage them! Both out for the count You softie Ouch! Ready, J Arthur? Oh my, who went down first? You look fat. No, you look fat Heave! - the final push Read the review of this event

Just about everything at Ryan's 10th birthday party was caught on camera in December 2012.
The suits are ready for action Haven't we met before? This is so I know who you are when the blood starts flowing! Tie this with a knot - you don't want it slipping over your eyes Don't tell him karate won't help him here How do you spell that? Bring it on! I can't get my hands together I hope they don't fall on me Wait for it Don't hesitate - Never hesitate Look away now, mum I may not be winning, but I'm not losing either And stay down I've never been this fat before Heavy on the tum but light on the toes Take that, little shrimp! Smokin' hot After the sushi comes cake Read the review of this event

The GreenOak team building session session was all corporate aggression in September 2012.
Calm when officed, but wild when released Read the review of this event

Oscar's 9th birthday was cool in the hall on a scorching day in July 2012.
So what do I have to do to win? Just let me at him You can't hide behind that smokescreen The slap of vinyl against vinylRead the review of this event

Andrew's 11th birthday involved 11 boys and a girl in May 2012.
You're going down You look different somehow - new haircut? We're all part of team Sumo now Read the review of this event

The Youth Club members ages ranged from 13 to 19 and they all had great time in September 2011.
Mmm, Nutella A hand picked crack team of athletes Do you guys know what's going to hit you No scratching and no biting Be afraid, be very afraid I feel more cuddley than mighty Mmm... Nutella No dancing, just fighting No faining injury, now Take that! Bring it on, I'm ready for anything All shall fear me

Just one photo from Sam's 9th birthday party in September 2011.
Now we'll show the boys how it's done Read the review of this event

They all had tremendous fun time at Gayna's Hen party in July 2011. You wouldn't believe that all these girls are top flight classical musicians, would you?.
Martin possitions himself to take the staples Sorry girls, but you will be putting on weight time to get fat I can't believe I'm doing this Just look at us give me anger, ladies wait for it Musicians are attracted to any instrument You feeble girl I feel beutify today Read the review of this event

Luke and his friends love wrestling and couldn't get enough of Sumo Experience at his 10th birthday party in June 2011.
The excitement is palpable Turn your head when you fight - go for the hug not the kiss It's my party and I'll fight if I want to Intimidate your opponent, boys go on show some aggression Watch out for my smooth moves, guys Fat and happy hear the slap of vinyl on vinyl Let's just reflect on the gravity of defeat Step out of the way and let the real men at it No! Don't kick a man whilst he's down Read the review of this event

The staff at G's Marketing had great fun at their team building session in June 2011.
Would you like vinigar with that too? You're going down, Fat-boy! Not quite sure how to get a decent grip Read the review of this event

Ben took on his brother, sister and all his friends too for his 7th birthday party in December 2010.
Hear the slap of vinyl on vinyl Get out of the suits, we all want a go Does this mean I have to fall on my sword? Mmm, nice soft landing Ooh, Matron! Do I look as cute as I think I do? We have a winner Let me at him He nearly fell on me! Did these two get to the birthday cake before me? It's dark in here Get in there! Hit that thing, J Arthur This one's out cold! If I'm going, you're coming with me Does this go over my shoulder or in his face? So who is winning? Heave! This fight is steaming Don't argue with the referee Read the review of this party

It was double the fun for twins Elodie & Chloe for their 9th birthday party in October 2010.
Bring it on! Man, this suit is heavy! get up, get up now Read the review of this party

Everyone got into the feel of it at Billy's 9th Birthday party in March 2010.
Boys, you're going to have such a lot of fun today Bring on my opponent Don't mess with us! Read the review of this party

There were lots of friends at Adam's 7th Birthday party in March 2010.
None of you guys look fat enough yet Mmm, maybe I should have left the birthday cake till afterwards You want me to put my hand in that?! No punching, scratching or pinching, please Blubber meets blubber Don't get me up, I'm quite happy here I'm tired. I just can't push any more Wake us up when it's all over Read the review of this party

Lewis's 12th Birthday party fell on halloween in October 2009 so there was also some other theming left around the hall.
Anyone that fat has got to be scary 'Just lead with your right' Weebles wobble but thhe don't fall down Any way the wind blows... Mess with me, Fat-boy and you'll be sorry Mincing through the tulips Step up to the mark Read the review of this party

There was some crunchingly good fun at James's 10th birthday in October 2009.
'No punching' you say? You're going down lardy-boy Putting some weight into it Teetering on the brink Making sure he knows who won And the lttle one said...

Tom's 11th birthday in May 2009 went down a storm with his friends and his sister too.
Just itching to get on with the fighting It's my salt and you're not having it Now - Go - now! Read the review of this party

Isabel chose Sumo Experience for an off-beat 15th birthday party in April 2009.
It's like wearing your clothes under your skin - wierd Time out for a rest at the league of nations Read the review of this party

Peter's 11th birthday party in February 2009 had a magical atmosphere.
listen everyone ... everyone! firing up the smoke Japanese, fat and proud You've got to loose some weight and quick steaming sumo Sometimes it looks like a real battlefield staring each other down it's brother against brother Just look at those bingo wings all eyes look to the scoreboard Read the review of this party

William's friends had a wild time for his 9th birthday in December 2008.
It seems that everyone has a word of advice Feel the full force of the clash Picking up the human debis A smoking standoff The warrior has fallen with honour Read the review of this party

Callum's 10th birthday party was in his school hall in December 2008.
This bit's simple. To bow, you just lean forward This is fun. It's like I've eaten too much and don't feel sick What you need to do is... At the sound of the gong ... fight! Just hold me close Beg for mercy Don't mess with me You just wait until the smoke clears Read the review of this party

Jessica parties with her girlfriends for her 9th birthday in November 2008.
just let me at her! OK, now get this thing off me are you ready to mucho basho? my sides ache from laughing Read the review of this party

Mel's friends get fat for her 18th in May 2008
just let me at her!OK, now get this thing off me are you ready to mucho basho? my sides ache from laughing when they said it was fancy dress I wasn't expecting this the sun may go down but the fun carries on

April 2007 and the girls bulk up for Sophie's 16th
Are you ready ladies? I can't push for laughing Some salt for you miss? This is going to be fun I don't want to be this fat But mum and dad just like each other too much for a real fight Read the review of this party

Red Nose Day at George Abbott School in March 2007
Pupils look on as their work goes unmarked One teacher can't even get up Is this a good example for our children? Just don't mess with sir Read the review of this party

Photos of the grown-ups having a go at Charlie's party in March 2007
Mum's the word... On my signal, J Arther ...and charge! ... when you're ready face me and fight! Read the review of this party

Photos from Ryan's Swim & Sumo party for his 10th birthday in January 2007 reproduced here by kind permission of Simon Taylor of
The Gyoji explains the rule of the game Boys will be ... well, boys Throwing the salt Fighting for fun All rush to help up the defeated wrestler Shoulder to shoulder ... heave! The Gyoji looks aghast Read the review of this party

A few family snaps from Nicholas' 8th birthday party back in December 2006.
All ready for combat It's anyone's fight... Push! We have a winner, although the effort takes both wrestlers down Read the review of this party

Some junior and adult scenes from a Sumo Experience event at Brookwood Community Church in May 2006.
All must learn to bow There are but three rules Pulling on the fat-suits ..And finally the protective headgear The combatants observe age old rituals A high energy start Don't step out of bounds Teatering on the brink We have a winner False start Fear not the impact In the midst of battle Helpless as turtles on their backs


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