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It's about as close to try-before-you-buy as we can get to on the web! You can see here just how much fun the boys and girls of Callaway Golf had at their Sumo Experience team building session.

Watch the fun and listen to the laughter Watch extracts from
a team building
evening with
Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf logo



Watch what happened at Chloe's 21st birthday party in the glorious sunshine

see the outdoor party fun Two generations
of families all mixed
in together - fighting,
laughing and having fun



See a clip of some stag night sumo shenanigans

see the sumo stag night See how much
fun you can
have even before
the drinking begins!



See a clips of hen party hilarity from two separate girl's hen parties

see the sumo hen party See the girls laugh
and fight and laugh
and cheer and laugh
some more



see the sumo hen party See the Swedish
girls having a
wild and crazy
start to their


See Sumo Experience as featured on IslamTV's 'Living the Life' magazine program.

watch TV Watch Sumo
Martin Day
in action on
TV in 2015



The rushes of the first scene of the new Sumo Experience training DVD are here.

see the trailer See a trailer for the
Sumo Experience
training DVD
"the Matrix effect"
Martin Day 2006


So how long does it take to put a sumo fat-suit on?

see the fast costume change See exactly
what's involved
in putting on
and loosing that
much wieght


See some Sumo professionals knocking seven bells out of each other.

see the wrestling See real Japanese Sumo
wrestling to the sounds of
Salt Solution's
`When's it Gonna Change`



We also have a spoof rock-umentary of how Sumo Experience came into being, created by Bill Sahner.

see the spoofSee a bogus look at the
life of Sumo Experience
founder Martin Day
Bill Sahner 2006



Here is some archive footage of Martin Day fronting the band 'Salt Solution' back in the 80s.

see the gigSee a clip of Salt Solution
playing 'The Blood'
at the Brixton Academy
Salt Solution 1987



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