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Read the review of this party

April 2007, and the girls bulk up for Sophie's 16th

Are you ready ladies?
All set for the contest to begin. But these girls are friend's aren't they?

I can't push for laughing
The need to laugh turns out to be greater than the need to win

Some salt for you miss?
The time honoured tradition of purifying the Dohyo is performed

This is going to be fun
It feels great to at last have some weight to throw around

I don't want to be this fat
Not everyone is delighted with their new-found physique

But mum and dad just like each other too much for a real fight
The lights go down and the tension builds as the alpha male and
female step into the ring...
(NB: Since the taking of this photograph public liability insurance restrictions mean that, sadly, men & women can no longer compete against each other)


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